“With the Pearson products explicitly lays out that they’re common core aligned at grade level so in a way when teachers are implementing it with fidelity and they are implementing the grade-level common core. So that’s really crucial. So we know when we’re providing supplemental or additional instruction, when they get back to the classroom, it’s going to be powerful for them…it’s validating for the ESL teacher. It’s really validating for the ESL student.”
– Clint Richards, ELA Specialist


“It is important that there is a system in place so nothing gets left out and so students don’t miss out. And then we needed to look at what instruction in the general classroom looks like and SIOP was critical in successfully moving ELLs into the general classroom. If there weren’t a system in place then something would be missing. And I don’t think that the support and growth of students’ language would be there if we didn’t have all the different pieces [of the system] in place.”
– Karen Hanford, ELA Administrator