Professional Development

Due to the increased number of English learners in U.S. classrooms, every teacher is potentially an EL teacher. Proven professional development that is available to all teachers provides an instructional framework that helps students succeed. The Pearson English Learning System provides two professional development tools that help educators meet the needs of English learners: (SIOP®) Model and A+RISE®.


The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP®) Model

The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP ®) Model was developed to provide teachers with a practical model of sheltered instruction to facilitate high-quality instruction for English learners in content-area teaching. The only empirically validated model of instruction for English learners, SIOP® helps teachers systematically, consistently, and concurrently teach grade-level academic content and academic language to English learners.

The SIOP ® Model can be viewed as an umbrella under which other programs developed for improving instruction can reside. Administrators and teachers alike are bombarded with new approaches to instruction, reform efforts, and practices that sometimes seem to be in competition with one another. The SIOP® Model is a framework that can bring together a school’s instruction by organizing methods and techniques and ensuring that effective practices are implemented—and that they can be quantified.  


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