Pearson presents several different programs to meet the needs of English learners. Cornerstone, Keystone, and Language Central are all comprehensive solution frameworks integrating assessment, instruction, and professional development that, as a comprehensive system, will move all students to language proficiency and academic success. Each program also provides instructional solutions for Newcomers.


Pearson Longman Cornerstone 2013


Grades K - 5
Pearson Longman Cornerstone [Daily lesson plans for 45–60+ minutes]
Cornerstone is a robust instructional program that focuses on language proficiency and academic knowledge. Explicit lessons accelerate academic vocabulary acquisition, develop transferable language skills, and improve communication.
Cornerstone Instructional Sampler - Download

Pearson Longman Keystone 2013


Grades 6 - 12
Pearson Longman Keystone [Daily lesson plans for 45–60+ minutes]
Keystone builds student capacity by focusing on both language proficiency and academic knowledge. Explicit lessons accelerate language acquisition, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and oral and written communications skills.
Keystone Instructional Sampler - Download

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Language Central 

Grades K - 10
Language Central [Daily 30 minute lessons]
Language Central works alongside any core literacy program. It’s conceptually related to Reading Street® (K–5) and Prentice Hall Literature (6–10). The systematic lessons in Language Central help English learners produce oral and written language and learn critical vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.
Language Central Weekly Lesson Plan - Download