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Pearson eText for Schools

The Pearson eText for Schools app allows K-12 teachers and students who view their Pearson eText titles on a computer to also access their programs in a bookshelf on iPad.

Pearson eText for Schools is also the eText app of choice for users of the Pearson Custom Library when using the iPad. With the Pearson eText for Schools app, book content is displayed with the highest quality fidelity to the print and online versions of the textbook. Students and teachers will experience many of the same features available from the web-based eText, including full-text search capabilities, a notes manager, support for multimedia content, glossaries, note sharing and many other exciting features.

myFlashcard Maker Apps

myFlashcard Maker Apps let students learn and practice the vocabulary presented in their programs and better prepare the students to read, write, listen, and speak in English. Students can create their own flashcards or study hundreds of ready-made cards.

Students first boost their memory by using the flashcards. Next, they test their skills. Finally, they play the Word Fly game to see how well they have mastered the vocabulary.  The flashcards include all vocabulary words from Pearson Longman Cornerstone.

Language Central myFlashcard Maker Grades 3-5

Cornerstone myFlashcard Maker Grades 3-5

Keystone myFlashcard Maker Levels A-C

Keystone myFlashcard Maker D-F & BB